Grass markers are the most affordable solution for a permanent granite memorial. Grass markers, when installed, are flush with the ground surface.  A typical grass marker measure 2'  x 1' x  4" however they can be fabricated in any dimension.



Bevel markers sit above the ground surface and typically are 6 or 8 inches high at the rear of the stone and taper down 1.5 inches to the front of the stone. Bevel markers can be done in various lengths and widths.



Uprights are two or more section monuments that usually consist of a base and die section. These can be done in any size or style.


Allows for cremation urns to be placed within the memorial rather than interred in the ground. Columbaria can be produced in any color and with as many niches as desired.

Slants offer a variety of lengths and presentation styles.  Slants may be placed by themselves on the ground surface or complimented by placing the slant on a matching base.
A popular solution that can offer a standout to  the family name or may include the inscriptions, designs or portraits as well.  Benches that are  designed to accept cremation urns are also available.


Mausoleums offer the option of placing traditional interments within the memorial rather than interment in the ground.

Decorative Cremation Urns


Decorative granite cremation urns can be etched with a personal portrait/picture or a stock design.